Our Country May Cease to Exist

November 24, 2008 at 6:12 am Leave a comment


In Business Week, The Warner & Swasey Company of Cleveland, Ohio, issued from their executive offices this timely message of warning:

“Have you ever faced the possibility that your country could cease to exist? Nations richer and more stronger in their day than we are in this have been sabotaged, defeated and enslaved.

“Babylon was the largest and richest nation of its time, but its lust for luxury made it an easy mark for the Medes and the Persians who overran it and divided its land and enslaved its people between them.

“Rome was a great military power; but when free bread and circuses became more important to the people than hard work and patriotism, Rome was invaded and looted by the tougher vandals.

“The Incas were the most civilized, richest people in the Americas; but ruthless, better-armed invaders destroyed them as a nation and looted everything they owned and had spent generations in creating.

“In every case it was the self-indulgent weakness of the victim which made the victory of the invader easy.

“How wise is a nation which gives away so much of its substance abroad and at home that it can no longer afford to keep its own strength and protection?

“How intelligent is a nation more careful to protect the criminal that his victim?

“How weak is a nation which allows bureaucracy and a socialist philosophy to run riot and squander billions?

“Undoubtedly there were Babylonians, Romans, Incas who warned against over-indulgence and weakness, who warned that each citizen is responsible for his nation, and that his responsibility cannot be shrugged off onto officials. But to those who warned of impending trouble, there was then as now the smug sneer, ‘It can’t happen here!But it did!


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