Christians Worldwide Pray for the Persecuted Church

November 10, 2008 at 1:15 am Leave a comment

Christians worldwide will pray for the persecuted church on Sunday with
special emphasis this year on Christians in India and Iraq. As part of the annual International Day of Prayer, the hundreds of
thousands of Christians expected to participate will pray for God to
give strength and protect believers in nations hostile to the Gospel.

India and Iraq, which have been making headlines around the world for the mass persecution of Christians, are among the most urgent prayer topics this year.

In India, over 50,000 Christians have been made homeless by the
violence in the eastern state of Orissa with some 30,000 living in
refugee centers. The anti-Christian violence – the worst in the
country’s 60 year history – has been raging since August and shows no
signs of stopping. According to the All India Christian Council, more
than 4,500 Christian homes have been burnt, 140 churches destroyed, and
13 Christian schools and colleges damaged over the past few months.

Meanwhile in Iraq, more than 13,000 Christians were displaced
in the northern city of Mosul within two weeks in the month of October.
The massive exodus in a country where Christians make up only two
percent of the population was sparked by a series of murders and death
threats by unknown Muslim militants.

Other IDOP-recommended countries of prayer include the
Philippines, where Muslim militants angry over a failed government deal
to hand over control of a state have attacked Christians in rural

Prayer is also requested for Somalia, where Islamic militants
have assassinated some 24 aid workers this year, including a man who
was a former Muslim that converted to Christianity. The convert was not
just killed, but beheaded in public to strike fear so that people would
not leave Islam.

Christians have also been asked to pray for Sudan, where a legislative election
will be held by July 2009, when the mainly Christian and animist South
could vote to secede from the Islamist military regime in the North.

“Please pray [that] Christians who have been imprisoned for
their faith will be release safely,” a Voice of the Martyr IDOP
newsletter read. “[And that] new converts may be protected and provided
for should their family turn against them.”

Source: Christian Post


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