Jim Garlow Supports Proposition 8 in USA Today Editorial and on James Dobson’s Broadcast

November 2, 2008 at 6:17 am 1 comment

Californians go to the polls on Tuesday, they will decide on an issue
that will, because of the state’s pace-setting history, have an
eventual ripple-down effect on other states.

Proposition 8 would
amend California’s constitution to define marriage as being only
between one man and one woman. Failure to preserve the definition of
traditional marriage has resulted in profound losses of personal

Let’s consider public education. David and Tonia Parker’s
kindergarten student came home from their Lexington, Mass., school with
a textbook teaching about same-sex marriage, without notification of
parents. Because same-sex marriage is legal in the state, the courts
declared that the Parkers have no rights to parental notification or
the privilege to opt their children out of any discussions.

Private business owners face the same treatment. Elaine Huguenin,
25, of Elane Photography LLC in New Mexico, was fined $6,600 under the
state’s discrimination laws when she declined to photograph a lesbian
commitment ceremony.

Doctors Christine Brody and Douglas Fenton
of Vista, Calif., were sued for refusing to artificially inseminate a
woman with no husband — who turned out to be lesbian — because of their
personal religious convictions, even though they provided the names of
physicians who would provide such services. The California Supreme
Court ruled against the doctors in August.

Churches and religious organizations are not immune. The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association
of New Jersey, a campground of Methodist heritage, lost a portion of
its tax-exempt status in 2007 because of its refusal to permit a
lesbian couple to hold a civil union ceremony in its pavilion.

The common thread? When same-sex relationships — especially marriage
— acquire government sanction, anyone in opposition to it must be
intimidated, silenced, fined, jailed or at least threatened.

For the sake of freedom, Proposition 8 must pass. Failure to stop
this in California means it will eventually come to your state.

Jim Garlow, senior pastor at Skyline Church in La Mesa, Calif.,
directs the California Pastors Rapid Response Team, a network in favor
of Proposition 8.

Source: USA Today


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  • 1. 2lesbosgoinatit  |  November 3, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Please vote “no” on Proposition 8.

    We no problem with you teaching your children that it is wrong to marry someone of the same gender but you have no business voting on who your neighbor can marry.

    If stable gay couples with children can’t get married all you accomplish is proof that marriage is not necessary to have a happy family.

    In fact, that’s what the children in our neighborhood learns. They know we can’t get married in the state where we live. They know that we are a happy – committed couple with happy children . . . they see that marriage is not necessary.

    That is the LAST message that we should send.

    Marriage should be the gold standard for the raising of happy children and the best hope for a long and happy life.

    Check out our fun post:


    Kisses and vote NO!


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