California Proposition 8 Supporters Raise $5 Million in One Week

October 31, 2008 at 7:30 am Leave a comment

One week after issuing a plea for donations, supporters of a
constitutional marriage amendment have surpassed their goal — raising
more than $5 million — although it remains to be seen whether it will
be enough.

Frank Schubert, campaign manager for, the main
group behind Proposition 8, sent an e-mail to in-state and out-of-state
supporters Oct. 23 warning that unless the campaign raised $3 million
“in the next week, we’re going to lose.” Since that day and through
Wednesday’s figures posted on the California secretary of state’s
website, the campaign has raised $5.2 million, bringing the total for
the month to $7.45 million. The figures include only donations of
$1,000 and larger.

Schubert’s plea came as opponents of the
amendment were enjoying an influx of money from various groups. Prop 8
opponents have raised $14.68 million this month — double what
supporters have hauled in — including $4.3 since Oct. 23. Included in
that mix for October was a $1 million donation from the California
Teachers Association, $1 million from the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian
Services Center and $100,000 from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.
Additionally, opponents brought in $4 million at a Hollywood
fundraising event.

With the Election Day result possibly hinging
on funding television and radio advertisements,
sent an e-mail to supporters Wednesday saying donations are still
needed. If passed, Prop 8 would overturn a California Supreme Court
ruling that legalized “gay marriage.”

“The opposition has raised
millions of dollars that they’ve poured into television and radio ads
aimed at convincing voters that Prop. 8 is a ‘discriminatory issue’
that bears no consequences,” the e-mail read. “Think about it — they
are effectively accusing people who believe in traditional marriage of
being bigots! Well we know better, and will not be silenced. We may be
outspent, but we will continue to let Californians know the truth
behind the legalization of same-sex marriage.”

Among the top
givers during the past week for were Alan Ashton of
Lindon, Utah., who gave $1 million; the U.S. Conference on Catholic
Bishops, which gave $200,000; and Focus on the Family, which gave

Meanwhile — with charges going back and forth on the
issue — has challenged California Superintendent
of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell to a live debate that would focus
on whether “gay marriage” would be taught in public schools if it
remains legal.

“The No on Proposition 8 campaign has been airing
television and radio ads featuring Jack O’Connell accusing us of
running a ‘shameful’ campaign,” Ron Prentice, chairman of, said in a news release. “There is nothing shameful
about telling the truth. This is the most critical issue of the
campaign. Voters deserve an opportunity to hear for themselves what
will happen, and indeed what is already happening, if we do not restore
traditional marriage in California on Election Day. Given his strong
statements, I’m sure O’Connell will have no problem accepting.”

law requires schools that teach comprehensive sex-education to include
“instruction and materials” that “teach respect for marriage and
committed relationships.” According to data on the state website, 96
percent of school districts teach sex-ed and would be required to teach
that marriage includes homosexual couples.

In an acknowledgment
that likely won’t appease many pro-family voters, Hilary McLean,
spokeswoman for O’Connell, told The Bakersfield Californian,
“[Teachers] could say ‘marriage is an institution between two adults
that have a legal responsibility to each other.'”

Source: Baptist Press


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