Be Careful What You Ask For: ‘Change’ May Not Always be a Good Thing by Joseph C. Phillips

October 23, 2008 at 9:25 am Leave a comment

joseph-c-phillips.jpgThere is a certain current logic that calls for “change we can believe in.” The message is delivered in smooth tones and with a winning smile.

It is the promise of something new – something fresh, the opportunity to move in some other direction – any direction other than the one in which we are currently headed.

What remains less clear are the messianic comparisons of the standard bearer of that change (which border on the irrational) and why voters seem prepared to turn the keys to the treasury over to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Under their stellar leadership Congress has a lower approval rating than President Bush.

Supporters have suggested that we add the book of Obama to the bible, compared his community organizing work with that of Jesus of Nazareth and designed posters portraying the presidential candidate gazing towards the heavens, no doubt in deep consultation with the Lord. During a recent address, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan noted that when Obama speaks “the Messiah is absolutely speaking.” The candidate himself has promised to “heal the sick and calm the rising seas.” It may be better if first he accomplished something a bit more manageable, for instance practicing what he preaches. His record in that department is rather thin.

He talks about transparency, but when asked by non-partisan watchdog groups to share more information about their small donors, the Obama camp refused while the other guy opened his books. He has donated almost a million dollars to ACORN, the community activist group currently embroiled in charges of voter fraud. He talks about building consensus and yet has not once bucked his party in the name of bi-partisanship. He claims to believe in traditional marriage and yet promises to make homosexual marriage the law of the land. He claims that character counts and yet has a history of long and intimate associations with people of questionable character the mention of which always seem to be a “distraction.” Would that so many had been willing to believe the real messiah on such scant evidence.

The mantra of change also has democrats salivating that they may in fact increase their lead in the senate to a super majority of 60 seats thus negating any chance of Republican filibuster. So much for the need to build consensus. These are after all many of the very same folks that looked the other way while the financial crisis grew and then passed a constitutionally questionable “fix” that picked the taxpayer pocket for almost a trillion dollars. Letting them loose to play in the halls of government unchecked seems unwise at best.

For the current displeasure with republicans the GOP have only themselves to blame. Somehow the collective republican mind decided that the best candidate to run was John McCain, an honorable man to be sure, but one whose age speaks to a different time in America and frankly based on his seeming unwillingness to hit Obama where he is weakest (there are so many targets) seems to have lost the eye of the tiger. Moreover, while in power Republicans abandoned their conservative base to say nothing of their principles, spent tax dollars as if they were democrats all the while singing the low- tax hymn (note to future Republican politicians: low taxes plus high spending do not make you a conservative!)

While democrats are chilling the champagne they may do well to remember the lesson Republicans are poised to learn to whit: there is a difference between winning elections and governing a nation. American voters are not opposed to showing political parties the door and warning them not to let the doorknob hit you on the way out.

By the same token Americans enamoured of change may also do well to remember the adage: be careful what you ask for…

Joseph C. Phillips is the author of “He Talk Like a White Boy” available wherever books are sold.



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