Scantily Clad Church Girls in Kenya Making Things Difficult for Pastors, Churches, and Prostitutes

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When Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity minister Nsamba
Baturo recently banned the wearing of miniskirts in Kampala, it was
obvious that the man had never been to Kenya. 


Baturo was alarmed that
skimpily dressed Kampala women were responsible for the rising cases of
men driving into roundabouts and street light posts.

Gone are the days when Kenyans knew
commercial sex workers by the way they dressed. In the last decade or
so, and particularly in Nairobi, a trend has emerged whereby the
dominant dressing code has ensured that the line between nudity and
dressing is fast disappearing. Even churches have not been spared and
horrified pastors are busy raising the alarm.

month, the pastor of Kisumu Pentecostal Church, Linus Ondiko, paraded
young women who had come dressed like nudists in a church service. The
pastor told Crazy Monday that the skimpily dressed women always chose
to sit at the front.

He would no longer countenance a dressing code designed by the devil in hell, he warned.

a member of the church, says what alarmed the pastor was that some of
these women (both married and single) seated at the front would
deliberately part their legs when the sermon was in progress.

Anguish to the clergy

ladies especially targeted young and unmarried pastors by winking at
them and parting their poorly covered legs causing a lot of anguish to
the young clergymen,” he says.

In Nairobi
two weeks ago, members of the Neno Evangelism Centre found a billboard
warning that women with waist-high slits, miniskirts and bikini-tight
trousers were no longer welcome into the house of God.

church official who did not wish to be named says that it had reached a
point where you could not tell the difference between the twilight
girls on Koinange Street and the said worshippers.

to the new Kenya where if you have it you flaunt it — whatever it is.
Just a decade ago the in-thing with trendy women was the tumbo-cut
T-shirt that left the midriff exposed up to the navel. Today things are
tending downwards, with a majority now lowering their trousers
strategically to expose the crotch. No one knows how much lower it will

With the trend gaining currency
everywhere and more so in churches, many men today admit that the only
reason they go to church is to view the different shapes displayed by
the nudists. In fact many will agree that gone are the days when the
discos provided the perfect meeting place for all manners of couples.
The place to be today is the church.



‘Brothers’ will call it bird watching,
only that there are no birds in the church. Many men are finding it
curious that the nudists not only want to show off the shapes and
curves, but they are letting the men have a short preview of the
contents nowadays.

“This church (name
withheld) has got hot babes,” remarked a colleague recently after a
church service. Gone are the days when one went to church for purely
spiritual needs. It is rather a sensual feast.

whom I found on a street seat along Kenyatta Avenue, says whenever he
gets a minute to spare from his office across the street he heads
straight for the seat.

He is one of the many Nairobi men who are taking advantage of the state of affairs to get what he calls free entertainment
or ogling sessions. With most slits nowadays showing whole freckled
thighs complete with stretch marks, Kevin says he is not short of
‘birds’ to watch.

He says: “The trouser
wearers are especially a treat to watch. They let you view even their
G-strings by lowering the trousers so that a part of the bottom is also
visible leaving little to the imagination. From here I can watch
anything from the small fist-sized bottoms to the huge ones that can’t
even fit in an office chair, all free of charge.”

too are the days when sexual affairs were sacrosanct issues guarded by
social taboos. The display of a million versions of complete female
anatomy is leaving in its wake a sinful trail. The message is clear:
Sex has been removed from the bedroom to the street.

the daring dress code seems to be accompanied by greater sexual
permissiveness. Although statistics are hard to come by, there is
evidence to suggest greater sexuality among the youth, the HIV/Aids
scourge notwithstanding.


member of a church in the city says that the overnight prayers of his
church, usually called kesha, have been scrapped after the church
administration found 25 used condoms in the compound. Even sleepy
villages in the countryside that have been guarded by rigid traditions
from time immemorial have not been spared by the sinful generation

Ken, who works in the city, says
he was shocked when he visited his village on the slopes of Mount Kenya
and counted 10 discarded condoms between the bus stop and his home.

Sex workers

sex workers nowadays are finding it difficult to devise new ways to
attract prospective customers because men can no longer tell them apart
from the rest of the crowd. Also, haloing their eyes with mascara,
applying lipstick that went past their natural lip lines and wearing
brightly coloured Whitney wigs used to be their preserve. Not any more.

who dresses in provocative attire that shows every curve of her anatomy
in the office, becomes edgy when I raise the subject, pointing out that
it is nobody’s business but hers. Her colleague, Gladys, says she wears
provocatively only when she wants to hook a man to take her out for a
weekend. She says: “Showing as much as possible makes me feel more

Displaying too much

Nick says displaying too much leaves nothing more to be desired. He
adds: “The only positive thing about this nudism now common in town is
that the women are teaching us not to take life so seriously. Given the
hard economic times, it is good for them to distract us.” But even as
the trouser goes lower and the miniskirt’s hemline higher, many women
speaking to Crazy Monday say they don’t show chunks of their private
anatomy to attract men.

Whether this is
true or not, observation in the street even to a casual observer tells
a totally different story. The reason young women would want to show
chunks of their bottoms and whole thighs to African males on the street
is easy to get by the response the trend is attracting. But Jane says
it is her right to dress how she likes and the men can choose not to

And as the sexual revolution gathers
pace, no place is being spared the nudist exhibition. Only the men have
been left behind, perhaps because they don’t have much to exhibit.

Source: The Standard


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