Florida Baby Born Alive and Killed at Abortion Clinic Gets Proper Funeral

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belkis-gonzales.jpgA Florida baby who was born and died in an abortion clinic will finally be buried today in Ft. Lauderdale. Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue explains the African-American baby named Shanice Denise Osbourne was born alive two years ago at an abortion clinic.

Christian Newswire
reports that Shanice’s mother went to the clinic after experiencing
some discomfort, and the clinic staff decided to deliver the baby. When
Shanice was born, her mother noticed her gasping for air for
nearly five minutes while the clinic staff panicked. Abortionist Belkis
Gonzales then put the baby in a biohazard bag and put her on the
clinic’s roof “to conceal her body from police.” Allegedly, there was
no attempt to save Shanice’s life.

“That baby was swept into a biohazard bag with some caustic chemicals
and tossed up on the roof of that abortion clinic to die,” Sullinger
explains. “It was done in a panic, I think, by clinic workers because
the people who delivered this baby alive during an abortion were not
medical doctors; they were unlicensed women who just happened to be
working at the clinic at the time.”
Doctors performed an autopsy that Shanice’s lungs “contained gas
bubbles and floated,” which proved she was alive and breathing at
birth. Meanwhile, an investigation may soon bear fruit. “We have every
confidence there will be criminal charges in this case by the end of
next month,” Sullinger contends.
She rejoices that the clinic has been closed. It was owned by Gonzales,
a woman with no medical background. Sullinger says Dr. Alan Keyes will
give the eulogy at Shanice’s funeral.
Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, is thankful Shanice will
“finally be laid to rest with the dignity and love she was denied in
her short life” and hopes her killers will be brought to justice. He
adds that the public is encouraged to attend the funeral in hopes that
the African-American community will stop the “exploitation and
decimation of their community by predatory abortionists.”

Source: OneNewsNow


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