Israel Fears Potential Obama Presidency

October 15, 2008 at 2:25 am Leave a comment

israel-flag.jpgEvangelist and Middle East expert Tom Doyle says the people of Israel
are very concerned about a possible Barack Obama presidency in the
United States.

Tom Doyle is the Middle East director for the strategic church-planting ministry e3 Partners and author of the book Two Nations Under God: Why You Should Care About Israel. Doyle has spent a great deal of time in the Holy Land, and he says while Israelis are concerned about possible elections in their own country, they are eyeing the November 4 presidential election in the United States.
“They’re very nervous about our elections. They’re watching that, wonder[ing] what the next president of the U.S would be like,” Doyle explains. “Would he be favorable to Israel? Will he stand with them? And so they’re watching that quite closely.”
He adds that Israelis have told him they are concerned about a possible Barack Obama presidency.
“This is what I heard over and over: we have a candidate who was born Muslim. He has a Muslim name, and he claims that he’s converted to Christianity. But in the Middle East when you do that, usually you change your name to a Christian name,” Doyle points out. “All we can interpret is that he’s still a Muslim — which wouldn’t bode well for Israel — or at least has strong Islamic roots, and there’s a real nervousness.”
Doyle notes that Muslims in the Middle East consider Obama to be one of their own.



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